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Ontology Visits in full AgroPortal (November 2018)
AnaEE Thesaurus (ANAEETHES) 89
Agri-Food Experiment Ontology (AFEO) 30
Thesaurus for Animal Physiology and Livestock Systems (TRIPHASE) 22
Ontology for Experimental Phenotypic Objects (OEPO) 21
Agricultural Experiments Ontology (AEO) 19
Statistics in full AgroPortal
Ontologies 22
Classes 1,735,615
Individuals 1,969,091
Projects 34
Users 133
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Latest Mappings
cyclin-L1 isoform r1 (rat) (PR) <=> Q9R1Q2 (
External Mapping 12/12/2018 by mappingadmin
tumor protein p53-inducible nuclear protein 2 (mouse) (PR) <=> Q8CFU8 (
External Mapping 12/12/2018 by mappingadmin
atrial natriuretic peptide receptor 1 isoform 1 (mouse) (PR) <=> P18293-1 (
External Mapping 12/12/2018 by mappingadmin
glycine receptor subunit alpha-4 (human) (PR) <=> Q5JXX5 (
External Mapping 12/12/2018 by mappingadmin
Rho GTPase-activating protein 6 isoform h3 (human) (PR) <=> O43182 (
External Mapping 12/12/2018 by mappingadmin
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